healthcare workers' experiences of delivering care during the covid-19 pandemic in the uk

  •  A rapid appraisal exploring HCWs’ perceptions and experiences of delivering care during the COVID-19 epidemic in the UK. 

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big qual data

  • NAP7 Big Qual Dataset: An analysis of the qualitative data generated through the NAP7 national audit on perioperative cardiac arrest. Visit NAP7 for more information. 

Redeployment during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK

  • A rapid qualitative study exploring experiences of redeployment and de-escalation in the UK. 

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  • San Juan, Norha Vera, Matthew Camilleri, John Paul Jeans, Alexandra Monkhouse, Georgia Chisnall, and Cecilia Vindrola-Padros. (2021) Redeployment and training of healthcare professionals to Intensive Care during COVID-19: A systematic review. medRxiv (preprint).


  • Role of ward-based goal-directed fluid therapy (GDFT) in acute pancreatitis: A feasibility randomised controlled trial. A rapid qualitative study developed for the trial to identify barriers in recruitment and trial delivery, document staff and patient experiences with the trial and inform potential trial scale-up.

  • Anaesthesia Choice for Creation of Arteriovenous Fistulae (ACCESS study). A rapid process evaluation aimed at informing trial set-up and delivery. Please click here for additional details. 

  • Volatlle vs Total intravenous Anaesthesia for major non-cardiac surgery - A pragmatic randomised controlled trial. A qualitative study within a trial (SWAT) to inform trial set-up and delivery.

rapid evaluations

  • Understanding and learning from the impact of changes in colorectal cancer care delivery in light of COVID-19 and their interplay with socioeconomic inequalities in care. Please click here for additional details.

  • A mixed-methods evaluation of the CLEAR Programme. A formative, mixed methods evaluation of the CLEAR programme to explore its implementation and review its current methodology. 

  • Development of a sarcoma specific intervention to manage fear of recurrence: REASSURE_ME. Please click here for additional details. 

  • An internal evaluation of NHS Horizons: A rapid formative evaluation of NHS Horizons, focussing on internal team dynamics and processes, and using the Mass Vaccination Learning Networks as a case study.

  • Evaluation of the implementation of the Asset-based Community Design (ABCD) approach used by Mencap to deliver support to parents of children with learning disabilities.

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rapid ethnographies

  • Rapid ethnography for BRIGHTLIGHT 2021 What clinical outcomes are associated with the ‘joint care’ for teenagers and young adults with cancer?: a rapid ethnography across 13 sites in the UK. 

  • Rapid multi-sited ethnography for NAP7, exploring perceptions and practices in the context of perioperative cardiac arrest across 8 NHS sites in the UK. Visit NAP7 for more information. 

Rapid evidence reviews

  • A rapid appraisal and rapid evidence review of the needs of nursing staff delivering care to children and young people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and/or autism (for Health Education England). 

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  • A rapid evidence synthesis of the needs and support of nursing staff delivering care to CYP with mental health needs, learning disabilities and/or autism-Full report to download:

  • A rapid qualitative appraisal of the needs and support of nursing staff delivering care to CYP with mental health needs, learning disabilities and/or autism-Full report to download:

  • A rapid evidence review on tools used to integrate implementation research findings in policy (for the World Health Organisation).